Land Rover 109 - Shackleton

The Land Rover 109 from 1975 could not be named after anyone other than Sir Ernest Shackleton, maybe the history’s toughest explorer. This car has been driven from Norway to South-Africa and back again. It’s a reason why Land Rover series cars and Defenders have earned their iconic status. Do you want the smooth quiet drive and luxurious feeling? Choose another car! Do you want a unique experience and an adventure you will remember the rest of your life? Then this car might be your perfect fit. 

It’s a big and noisy SUV made for adventure, not comfort. It has seating for six, a big roof tent, cooking equipment and room for all your gear. This is the car that will get you where you want in the most explorer like fashion. The car is made to function in war zones and is truly ridgid, but it’s 45 years old so don’t expect a new car. 

  • Type: Big SUV
  • Color: Blue/white
  • Seats: 6 (two of them are sideways and without seatbelts – it’s legal but not recommended to use for longer trips)
  • Sleeps: 3 adults or 2 adults and two kids in the roof tent. 
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Located: Rena
  • Prices: 990 – 1500 NOK daily