Opel Combo Silver - Leif

Leif is named after our early explorers Leif Erikson who traveled from Norway to North-America around year 1000. The reason? He is our first van and starts our journey with Norwegian Explorer Vans.

It’s a compact van packed with all the features needed for an epic adventure without taking up more space than a regular small car. It’s easy to drive, easy to park and turns enables comfortable sleeping for two just minutes after it’s parked. It’s winter isolated and combined with the powerful air heater you can sleep comfortably even in the coldest Norwegian winter. 

The big roof rack enables you to bring along all the fun things you want such as kayaks, SUP boards and more.

  • Type: Compact van
  • Color: Silver
  • Model: 2006
  • Seats: 2
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Located: Rena
  • Prices: From 699 – 1300 NOK daily