Our mission

Norwegian Explorer Vans – named in honor of our great explorers. From Leiv Eriksson, who sailed from Norway to North-America in year 1000 to Roald Amundsen, who relentlessly fought his way to the South Pole. Inside everyone of us there is an explorer who wants to go to the unknown, see new places, new people and push personal limits. 

We are a family company. Emma, daughter and head of marketing. Emil, son and does service and maintenance. Allan, son and CEO. Jan, father and car builder. Common for us all is that our best experiences and most memorable moments comes from exploring the Norwegian wilderness. Kayak paddling with killer whales in Lofoten, snow kiting on the Hardangervidda plateau or go hiking our favorite local trails.

Our mission is to enable others to experience these epic trips and create unforgettable memories. Norwegian Explorer Vans are, in our opinion, the ultimate way to explore Norway.

Sustainability is in our core belief. For that reason, we only choose reliable cars and equipment, and maintain it well for a long lifespan. Sharing the resources, renting before owning, drastically reduces the environmental impact. There is nothing more beautiful than Mother Nature, and we want to keep it that way.