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While reading a long list of terms can be a drag, it is important to protect both you, the customer and us, the rental company. Please make sure you read through it and ask if something is unclear.

Norwegian traffic laws – You are required to learn and follow the Norwegian traffic laws. Driving in an intoxicated condition is strictly forbidden and the maximum limit does not allow for a small beer or glass of wine.

Pick-up and drop-off checklist – Our checklist should be signed off both when picking up the car and drop-off.

Pick-up and drop-off times  – Normal drop-off time is between 8 – 11 AM and pick-up is by 2 – 4 PM. However, we are flexible and can agree on different times.

Late drop-off – If the car is delivered after the agreed drop-off times a daily charge equivalent to rental price for that car is to be paid in addition to a daily fee of 500 NOK. If you want to increase your rental period we would be happy to make it happen depending on availability.

Pick-up and drop-off locations – As a default rule the cars should be picked up and returned on the location they originally are located. We can also arrange a different pick-up/return location on your request for a surcharge, but please let us know your wishes beforehand and we will try our best to accommodate those.

Cancellation – Cancellations 4 weeks prior pick-up day will be refunded 100 %. Between 4 – 2 weeks the refund will be 50 %. Unfortunately, we cannot refund cancellations made less than 2 weeks prior pick-up day.

Cleaning fee – The cars will be delivered to the customer in clean condition and are expected to be delivered back in similar condition. If the customer wishes, or the vehicle is not delivered back in clean condition a cleaning fee of 600 NOK is added.

Age restrictions – There are no age restrictions as long as you hold a valid license.

Driving race limit – The price includes 150km/daily driving. You can drive as far as you want and the charge is 2 NOK each kilometer excess the 150 km/day allowance.

License – The driver(s) must have a valid driver license and no one except the registered driver(s) are allowed to drive the car.

Insurance and deposit – The cars have a Third-party insurance cover as required by Norwegian law. It covers bodily injuries caused by vehicles, but not damages to the car. The deposit is 2000 NOK. The upper limit of what you have to pay if you are so unlucky to damage the car is 6000 NOK. Note that the limit is not valid if the damage happened when driving over the speed limit, driving in intoxicated condition or driving off-road. That limit does not include tolls, excess kilometers, equipment damages, speeding tickets and various extra charges the customer is responsible for.

Tyres and windscreen damage – Flat or otherwise damaged tires are fixed at the cost of the customer. A small windscreen damage which can be repaired without changing the windscreen is included in the insurance with no deductible. If the windscreen needs replacement the deductible fee is 2500 NOK

Tolls and extra charges – Tolls and sometimes parking and ferry tickets can be paid thru the AutoPass chip following the car. Those expenses will be paid by the renter after returning the car and normally deducted from the deposit. For that reason, it can take up to a week before the deposit is returned.  

Fuel – As a rule of thumb, the cars are delivered to the customer with a full fuel tank and should be returned in the same way. We can fill it for you against a surcharge of 150 NOK.

Fuel type – Please be absolutely certain that you fill with the correct fuel type, which should be clearly written on the lid. If in doubt call us. If you are so unlucky to fill the incorrect fuel do not start the car! Any damage/expenses caused by filling incorrect fuel is to be paid by the customer.

Gas – One gas container of 450g is included in the rent which usually holds for weeks. If any more are used you can buy a new container for 100 NOK (a spare is located in the car).

Flat battery – Forgetting to turn the lights of while you are on a three-day hike from the car? Well, it can happen to the best of us. All our cars are equipped with jump leads so you can start it with the help of another car. Some of the cars also have a 220v electric cord that can charge up the car. If such a fault provides a cost to be solved it is to be paid by the customer. General road assistance is included in the rent with a deductible fee of 500 NOK.

Maintenance requirements – We will deliver the cars fully served and in good order. However, the cars can be driven far during a rental period and may have the need of refilling oil or cooling fluids. If the warning lamp for low fluid levels gets lid, please fill it with appropriate fluid. Take care of the receipt and we will reimburse the expenses. If you notice anything that doesn’t seem right please contact us as fast as possible and we will help you.

Smoking – It’s not good for your health, or the smell in our cars. Smoking in our cars will cause a 2000 NOK extra fee.

Road assistance – General road assistance is included in the rent with a deductible fee of 500 NOK.

Road restrictions – Our cars are made for exploring, but it does not mean they are built to handle every road and surface. Use on sandy beaches and very rough roads are prohibited and damages caused by such use will need to be fully paid by the customer. The cars should not be used on racing tracks.

Accidents – If an accident with a car and/people occurs we need to be contacted as soon as possible and maximum 24 hours after the accident. The E-accident form or a paper version of the accident form must be filled out correctly. Note that accidents need to be reported to the police by calling 02800 if it’s not an emergency and ambulance on 113 if immediate help is required. 

Damages/loss of equipment – Lost or damaged equipment is to be paid by the customer. This includes, but is not limited to, tents, chairs, tables, kayaks, SUPs, roof tents, kitchen equipment, car keys etc. Extra costs due to losses, like if you need a locksmith to open the car in case of lost keys, is to be paid by the customer.

Payment currency and exchange rate – Payments and deposit are made in NOK. Due to exchange fluctuations the amount deposited may not be identical to what will be refunded. We will not cover such losses.

Limited liability – We do our best to keep our car in good order, but anything can happen. If the car breaks down for some reason we will do our best to fix it or provide you with a similar vehicle. When in high season we are most likely fully booked and cannot guarantee a replacement. We will reimburse expenses up to the cost of the rest of the rental period. Example: if rented for 7 days for 7000 NOK and the cars stop to function on day 4, without us being able to fix it, we will reimburse extra expenses up to 4000 NOK.

Delayed delivery or damage by previous customer – we will not be liable for any cost or inconvenience due to delayed delivery by previous renter. Nor will we be reliable for delays/cancellation due to damage to the cars made by previous customers.

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